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The Comics Alternative

The Comics Alternative is weekly podcast focusing on the world of alternative, independent, and primarily non-superhero comics. (There's nothing wrong with superhero comics. We just want to do something different.) New podcast episodes become available every Wednesday and include reviews of graphic novels and current ongoing series, discussions of upcoming comics, examinations of collected editions, in-depth analyses of a variety of comics texts, and spotlights on various creators and publishers. The Comics Alternative also produces "special feature" programs, such as shows specifically dedicated to creator interviews, webcomics, on-location events, and special non-weekly themes and topics.


Aug 29, 2012

On this episode, the two guys with PhDs (who talk about comics) offer their very first "Artist Spotlight" episode.  They discuss the (mainly non-mainstream) work of Jeff Lemire, from his earliest comics--such as Lost Dogs--to the much lauded Essex County Trilogy, to his work on Vertigo, to his most recent graphic...

Aug 22, 2012

On this review episode, Derek and Andy first talk about Jaime Hernandez's God and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls, the new collection/expansion of Jaime's recent superhero story that originally ran in Love and Rockets: New Stories Vol. 1 and 2. Then, the two guys switch to Michael Kupperman's Tales Designed to Thrizzle...

Aug 15, 2012

In this episode, Derek and Andy sit down with Jonathan Hickman for their first interview show. They talk about Jonathan's current Image comics (Manhattan Projects and Secret), past comics (Nightly News, Pax Romana, Red Mass for Mars, Red Wing), and future projects (Feel Better Now).

Aug 8, 2012

In this episode we begin our monthly look at the Previews catalog. In our Previews episodes, we highlight those non-superhero comic-book series and books that stand out to us, ones we would recommend to other readers.

Aug 3, 2012

Our first review episode where we discuss Darwyn Cooke's The Score and Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples's series Saga.