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The Comics Alternative

The Comics Alternative is weekly podcast focusing on the world of alternative, independent, and primarily non-superhero comics. (There's nothing wrong with superhero comics. We just want to do something different.) New podcast episodes become available every Wednesday and include reviews of graphic novels and current ongoing series, discussions of upcoming comics, examinations of collected editions, in-depth analyses of a variety of comics texts, and spotlights on various creators and publishers. The Comics Alternative also produces "special feature" programs, such as shows specifically dedicated to creator interviews, webcomics, on-location events, and special non-weekly themes and topics.


Apr 10, 2017

Time Codes:

  • 00:00:29 - Introduction
  • 00:03:22 - Catching up and con season
  • 00:05:37 - Update on Poe and the Mysteriads
  • 00:09:10 - Conceptual Heist
  • 00:37:07 - Ménage à 3
  • 01:06:29 - Smash: Monstrous
  • 01:24:09 - Wrap up
  • 01:26:13 - Contact us

This month Sean and Derek offer a genre buffet of webcomics goodness. They begin with Jay D’Ici and Matt G. Gagnon's Conceptual Heist, a heist narrative with a unique science fiction twist. As the guys reveal, the story is solid, and the black-and-white art, accentuated with a monochromatic blue, suggests a noir tone. After that they discuss a highly popular webcomic that has been around since 2008, Gisele Lagace and David Lumsdon's Ménage à 3. Derek and Sean describe this as a cross among Strangers in ParadiseArchie, and the TV series Three's Company...but more suggestive and explicit than the latter. While the guys can see the appeal of this thrice-weekly strip, they nonetheless feel that reading its various narrative arcs over a more concentrated time period -- as opposed to experiencing this story as its pages are released -- doesn't necessarily work in the webcomic's favor. Finally, the guys wrap up with fun completed webcomic from Chris A. Bolton and Kyle Bolton, Monstrous. This is a mini-story within their Smash world, one that the Bolton brothers completed between their earlier work, Smash: Trial by Fire, and the next Smash book that will be published through Candlewick Press.