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The Comics Alternative

The Comics Alternative is weekly podcast focusing on the world of alternative, independent, and primarily non-superhero comics. (There's nothing wrong with superhero comics. We just want to do something different.) New podcast episodes become available every Wednesday and include reviews of graphic novels and current ongoing series, discussions of upcoming comics, examinations of collected editions, in-depth analyses of a variety of comics texts, and spotlights on various creators and publishers. The Comics Alternative also produces "special feature" programs, such as shows specifically dedicated to creator interviews, webcomics, on-location events, and special non-weekly themes and topics.


Jul 24, 2013

This week the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics are doing something they’ve never done before: devoting an entire episode to a specific publisher. And this first time out they’ve decided to focus on Valiant Comics and all of the various (and relaunched) titles that they began putting out last year. It is a formidable task, but Andy and Derek are up to the challenge! They begin this Publisher Spotlight by discussing one of their favorites of the group, Archer and Armstrong, briefly look at the latest title, Quantum and Woody, and then move on to Harbinger, Bloodshot, and the Harbinger Wars crossover event, the new Valiant’s first. They also weigh in on X-O Manowar and Shadowman, as well as speculate on some of the new titles and events on the horizon, such as Eternal Warrior, Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps, and the new Sect Civil War crossover. Not only do Andy and Derek look in-depth into each individual series, but they also discuss the broader picture, trying to find some of the common features and themes that compose the new Valiant universe. They also debate whether or not the relaunched titles are actually superhero comics, or if perhaps they may be better described as mashups of different (and competing) genres. There’s a lot that goes on in this episode, jam-packed with comics goodness, and the Two Guys with PhDs feel that they’ve thrown down the critical gauntlet for all future discussions of Valiant.